AET Motorsport Services

Motorsport services from AET Motorsport: We offer a full range of motorsport services including design & planning your build, Dyno hire, OEM and aftermarket ECU remapping and fitting & repair services.


Design & Planning

We’ll help you to plan your car from acceleration to braking and everything in between. Read more.


Our Dyna pack hub dyno can handle up to 2000 bhp and offer an accurate whp figure. Read more.


Whether you’re looking to optimise performance economy or a combination of the two. Read more.

Aftermarket ECU Calibration

Engine performance, refinement, longevity and economy are achieved by correct calibration. Read more.

Fitting, Service & Repair

At AET Motorsport, we provide a cost effective high quality fitting service for all kinds of products. Read more.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

DPF and EML lights: let us help resolve the dreaded DPF problem. Read more.

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