Ford Focus ST Mk3 Tuning

Everything you need to make your Focus ST Mk3 faster, handle better and turn more heads. We have the knowledge and parts to transform the way the Ford Focus ST performs.

Ford Focus ST Mk3 Tuning

Everything you need to make your Focus ST Mk3 faster, handle better and turn more heads. We have the knowledge and parts to transform the way the Ford Focus ST performs.

The heritage and experience to realise your vision

With our ‘off the shelf’ items and experience, we can increase the performance and improve the drivability of the Focus ST. With tuning from PERON, we can remap the vehicle to 330bhp with a dramatic increase in torque. For those that require bigger power gains, we are able to offer a hybrid turbo. We know the best way to get the most out of your Ford Focus ST and would love to help you on your automotive tuning journey.

Focus ST MK3 Rear


Tell us your goals and our expert team will help you to plan how to get there. We have over 40 years of motorsport heritage. We know fast cars! Read about our planning service.


From turbos to bodykits, our expert team of engineers are here to help. Introducing ‘The Doctor’! View our team.

Buy Online

You’ll find a wealth of Focus ST products at our online store. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call. Visit the AET Motorsport online store.


We’ve taken the Focus engine all the way up to 360bhp, without over stressing the engine or the custom hybrid turbo we install. The car can still achieve great mpg (if you can manage to keep your foot off the loud pedal).


If you are looking to go fast or looking for the perfect stance. we can offer springs or fully adjustable coilovers, advice guidance and fitting services.


Looking to turn heads? You have come to the right place we can offer you some of the best cosmetic products on the market.

Need help with your Focus ST Mk3? We're ready to help...

The AET Motorsport Dyno

When in the search for more power, a dyno is the best way to gather extensive data, here at AET Motorsport we have a bespoke dyno cell, housing a Dyna Pack hub dyno capable of 2wd and 4wd vehicle capable of handling up to 2000 bhp.

Read more about our dyno

I have only ever been to these guys and for good reason, when you step foot into AET motorsport (from a 4 hour drive) you know exactly why you went there in the first place, the guys here are awesome and will help you with whatever you need, they’re brutally honest and don’t bullshit you to try and cut corners and will go out of their own way to make sure everything is good.

Every time I’ve gone for a map or a part I’ve expected less but been blown away every single time. If they spot an issue during their time with your car they will mention it and like I said, won’t try and cut corners.

The hub dyno really is an awesome sight and if you’re a ford fan then you’re in for a treat, theres a lot of cool shit inside the workshop.

All in all 5/5, would give more if possible. Every time I’ve visited these guys my cars have transformed completely. Cheers lads.

Lewis Rowe

14 April 2017

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