Ford Focus RS Mk3 Tuning

Everything you need to make your Focus RS Mk3 faster, handle better and turn more heads.

Ford Focus RS Mk3 Tuning

Everything you need to make your Focus RS Mk3 faster, handle better and turn more heads.

The heritage and experience to realise your vision

Focus RS MK3 Tuning


Tell us your goals and our expert team will help you to plan how to get there. We have over 40 years of motorsport heritage. We know fast cars! Read about our planning service.


From turbos to bodykits, our expert team of engineers are here to help. Introducing ‘The Doctor’! View our team.

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You’ll find a wealth of Focus RS products at our online store. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call. Visit the AET Motorsport online store.


We’ve taken the Focus RS engine right the way up to 400bhp, without over stressing the engine or the custom hybrid turbo we install. The car can still achieve 45 mpg (if you can manage to keep your foot off the loud pedal).


If you are looking to go fast or looking for the perfect stance, We can offer springs or fully adjustable coilovers, advice guidance and fitting service.


Looking to turn heads? You have come to the right place we can offer you some of the best cosmetic products on the market.

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The AET Motorsport Dyno

When in the search for more power a dyno is the best way to gather extensive data, Here at AET Motorsport we have a bespoke dyno cell housing a Dyna Pack hub dyno capable of 2wd and 4wd vehicle capable of handling up to 2000 bhp

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Drove over 4 hours to AET motorsport and back today and have to say it was worth it! It’s like a new car with the Peron Stage 2 fitted and my average MPG has gone through the roof somehow?
Milltek is silent on the motorway but sounds lovely on the overrun and when it’s revving. Great service and top quality products!

Jack Roberts

15th December 2016

From our motorsport blog

AET Motorsport | VT330R Dyno Testing In Scotland

Last Friday our very own Nick Cook took a trip to Scotland to visit a few dynos and catch up with our newest dealer. The car left having been tested on our hub dyno the night before running 288 whp and 310 lbft. Nick's first stop was at Ecotune UK located in Glasgow...

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AET Motorsport | BMW M140i Development

Yesterday we were able to do some testing on our latest demo vehicle a 17 plate BMW M140i equipped with the B58 engine a 3.0ltr straight 6 with a twin scroll turbo. With us unable to offer our own tuning on this ECU the Burger Motorsport JB4 tune is about the best...

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AET Motorsport | Oulton Park

Tuesday 17th saw us down at Oulton Park on a test day in preparation for Trackday Trophy on the Saturday 28th. We turned up early and set up shop in our allocated garage where we got VOODOOPA1 ready for some wet testing. The car was tuned for a stock turbo as...

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